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  "Baby-Steps is excellent because it’s rooted in a deep understanding of human physiology. The trainers understand how the pregnant body works so they can develop an individualized program that is fun while getting you in shape. I recommend this program highly.”
Valerie Gafori MD, FACOG-(Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)

"Baby-Steps is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby in pregnancy! The trainers are motivational and truly care about keeping you and your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy. I have more energy and feel great and I owe it all to Baby-Steps."
Annie Navarra (Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse Practitioner, First-time Mom)

"I started with Baby-Steps when I was 6 weeks pregnant and the workouts were extremely beneficial.  I never had any back pain and just felt really good during my pregnancy and I owe that to the workouts I had with my trainer, Chad. Not only was the exercise beneficial, but also learning what is going on with the body and how important exercise is during pregnancy.  My experience was extremely rewarding and I would highly recommend the program to anyone. You won’t regret it!"
Natalie Scoma

"The Baby-Steps training program is extremely professional and worthwhile. My trainer was very knowledgeable about pregnancy and consistently designed diverse workouts specifically tailored to meet my individual needs. She was a great listener and knew just how to motivate me to exercise and eat right for my baby. Any pregnant woman looking to stay in shape during pregnancy, have an easier time in delivery and then bounce back quickly should check out Baby-Steps."
Karly Lobbin

"This was my third pregnancy, but my first time undertaking a prenatal exercise program. At 27 weeks I am 5lbs. lighter than my last pregnancy and I feel strong and energetic! Baby-Steps is a must for any pregnant woman."
Sonia Mandelbaum


"Seeing women happy, healthy and truly enjoying their pregnancy is what Baby-Step's is all about. Being involved every step of the way, and then getting to meet these new little babies is incredibly rewarding. To know that you have positively impacted the health of both mother and child is an indescribable feeling.”

Chad Van Herpe
(BS, CSCS, AFPA and BabySteps Founder)
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